Tips on how to deal with Social Media Effects

Advice on Social Media

With so many negative effects linked with Social Media, it is crucial to be able to seek help and advice on how to better use Social Media and mitigate the detriments. This section will provide material to help users benefit from social media whilst avoiding the pitfalls it may present.

How to address Social Media Addiction

With many young people especially being addicted to social media, it is important to know how to try and put an end to this. The following video shares tips on what can be done to use Social Media less and decrease the addiction.

Don't Give into Temptations

It can be very tempting to turn to social media when you are in the company of family or friends or even at a workplace. However, cherishing moments with friends and families and spending quality time with them, building relations and trust are crucial attributes that people lack due to social media. Here are some tips on how not to give in to temptations around social media.

Parenting and Education

It is fundamental for parents and carers, now more than ever, to keep an eye on what their children are upto on Social Media as well as the company they keep with regards to it. Educating them and advising them while discussing these topics with them on a regular basis can be hugely beneficial towards their upbringing and understanding the good and bad of social media and society in general. Social media effects shoud regularly be taught at schools as well to increase awareness and reduce the detrimental effects. Here are some tips on how parents and education can assist young people with social media.